Understanding the Top Reasons why your Website is not Ranking

Do you think that you have tried everything but still your website is not ranking in Google search engine? It’s extremely a matter of great concern.

There can be many reasons due to which your website is not visible high in Google search results. But there are various ways using which you can fix such issues that are stopping your website to get ranked high.

But most importantly in this blog, we will focus on the reasons preventing your website to show up in Google results.

Before Beginning….

First of all, understand the main difference between page search and website search. Let me give you an example to clarify the difference. When you search for something in google you are actually looking for a page on your website rather than the website.

In case Google is not aware of the existence of this page then it would not be visible in search results at all.

Important points to gain high rank in Google

May you have not tried SEO for your website that is not an overnight process to rank high your website pages. In other words, time is something that matters a lot and SEO requires patience. So you can avail our SEO services to get high rank in google search engine. We keep in mind the three very important points to get visibility of your website in google search engine. These are as follows:

  • Google should have to be aware of your website presence and be able to approach all pages on your website.
  • You have to make google realise that your web page is worth ranking as compared to other website pages.
  • Your page has relevant results for specific keywords.

Have a look at reasons stopping your website to get ranked high: 

  • A new website
  • Search engine not able to crawl your web pages
  • Blocking of your web page indexing in Google
  • Website and Web page lacking in authority
  • Not having good quality backlinks
  • Google penalty
  • Content duplication on your website

A new website: If your website is new then it will take time to get found online. Google would not be able to find out the existence of your website within a few seconds or hours. You can even check the presence of your website on google through the link site:yourwebsite.com. In case you get results it means your website is visible and google is familiar with it, otherwise, google doesn’t know about your website.

Search engines not able to crawl your web pages: More often webpages have robots.txt files instructing search engines whether to crawl particular websites or not. Google is not able to crawl the URL that is blocked by robots.txt. In most cases, you have to submit a proper sitemap to the Google search console.

Blocking of your web page indexing in Google: If you instruct Google not to show specific pages then you have to add some particular HTML code in the meta tag of the web page. Pages having that HTML code would not be able to get indexed in google ranking. Usually, WordPress developers add this code to the website when it is in development mode.

Website and Web page lacking in authority: The ranking algorithm of google works on PageRank that considers internal links and backlinks. Nowadays it is not easy to see the PR of your page against your competitor websites. But you have UR ( URL Ranking) and DR (domain ranking) metrics that have scaled from 0 to 100. You can use it for finding the link authority and website authority of your website.

Not having good quality backlinks:  Your website is not ranking high in google so, one of the biggest reasons for this could be that your website is not having enough backlinks. An important thing to remember is that Google only ranks web pages and not websites.

Google penalty:  Google penalty is one of the biggest reasons for your website to not get ranked. These are of two types:

  • Manual- It happens when Google demotes or removes your website from the search engine. Mostly this action is performed by google employees.
  • Algorithmic- It occurs when the algorithm of google removes your website from search results due to quality problems.

Content duplication on your website: If the two web pages have the same content then Google considers them duplicate and not index them. Basically, it indexes the version that you set as the canonical.

Final Thoughts

So, in a nutshell, you have to fix a few problems that could be the major reason for your website to not get ranked high in Google. Consider all of these above-mentioned points seriously and get a high indexed webpage.

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