What your music taste says about you

Ever wonder if people might judge you based upon your music preference? Are you guilty of this yourself? It's always interesting to find out what music someone listens to when you meet new people. You may find that you share a common love of an artist. Sometimes you may dislike someone simply because you don't like his favorite music. However, music tastes do not necessarily reflect a person's personality. Or does it? Are you smarter or more shallow to judge someone based on their musical preferences?

All cultures share music. Music is a part of our lives, whether it's an African tribe jamming out or a DJ on the Mainstage at Tomorrowland. Music is a part of our daily lives. There have been numerous studies on the relationship between music and personality.

Are you sure who you are?

Spoiler alert! There is a strong connection between the two. There are many studies that use a variety of personality models. Let's look at two of the most important. The well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a good example. This test can help you determine your personality from 16 possible options. Your "type" is composed of four traits that result in four letters. There are 16 combinations possible for every letter. It first tests whether you are an extravert or introvert. The letter E or I is the result.

The next step is to identify your perceiving function. This can be either intuition or sensing. The second letter in your personality type's alphabet is either S, or N. The third part of your type is determined by how you judge. Your third letter will be either T or F, depending on whether you are a thinker or feeler. The test determines whether you prefer to use your perception (letters 2 and 3). The fourth letter will be either P or J.

The result is your personality type. To summarize: Extraversion vs. introversion Sensing vs. Intuition Thinking vs. Feeling vs. Thinking Judging vs. Perception Examples include ENTP and ISFJ. Although all traits and preferences are explained in detail, let's not get too scientific. Below, you will find information specific to each genre. The Big Five The "Big Five" model is another model that can be used to test. This model describes your personality using five dimensions.

Experiences that are open to you Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism

There are many words and phrases, but there is one thing you need to know. Your musical tastes will be influenced most by your willingness to try new things and extraversion. Let's now get to the point: Now that we have a crash course on personality models and tests let's get down it: What does your favorite genre tell us about you? Personality vs. music genre Pop Your personality is what makes pop music stand out. This is also true for metal fans. Metal fans are on the other side of the spectrum. You may be an extravert if you enjoy listening to pop music, but your creativity might be lacking. You can be a bit nervous or turbulent if you love pop music. Let's face it, who isn’t? Unless you are one of those cold-blooded psychos. You are a pop fan and you have a high self-esteem. There's a good chance that you are either ESFP or ESFJ when it comes to the MBTI. Look at the description and see if it matches.

Rap and Hip-hop You are a true extravert because you love hip-hop music. You are just like your pop-listening peers (unless you don’t want them as friends), you enjoy being social and going out to parties. You are not only energetic and rhythmic, but you also have a high self-esteem. We think of someone special when we think of high self-esteem in hip-hop. Kanye West anyone, search for music here at youtubemp3converter.me? There is no one type of MBTI test that stands out more than the others when it comes to results. It doesn't mean that hip-hop is boring. Hip-hop is perhaps the most personality-driven genre. It is often just one person with a microphone.

This genre is popular with extraverted personalities who prefer intuition to sensing. When it comes to processing information new, you prefer concrete, tangible, and in-the-moment information. Rock You are intuitive if you listen to rock music. This means that you are able to trust information that isn't directly related to your senses. It is easy to link it with other information, and you are open to future possibilities. You are flexible and relaxed when it comes to tackling challenges. Sounds like everyone's favorite employee! There are many types of rock. You're likely to love the classics. High five! You are likely to be a hard worker, tolerant of yourself, and a lover of nostalgic vibes. It could be considered a crime to not love the classics, but that is a personal opinion. Indie rock fans are on the contrary. You might be a bit lazy if you love indie rock, and you may have lower self-esteem (maybe Kanye could lend some). You are creative, however, because you're an indie rocker! If you're a rock fan, chances are that you are an "ENTP" personality. This is also known as a "debater". Perhaps it's the rebellious rock spirit. Metal Metal fans have distinctive traits that are quite different from pop fans. You are most likely introverted and intuitive if you don't like to blow your own horns. You live in an environment of reflection and ideas, where new information doesn't have to be tangible to help you understand and process it. Sounds nice!

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