How to revamp your website without harming your SEO?

Are you looking forward to modifying or redesigning your website to make it functional and productive as per current business standards? If yes, then you must go for website revamping. Though, back in the mind you might be afraid of losing traffic of visitors that you have gained with SEO implementation. But, it can give you a relief to know that with the help of the best web design agency in UK you can renovate your website without harming its SEO. 

Professionals can make vital changes in your WebPages with safe techniques to amplify your online presence. Let’s take a look at them below in this blog.

Website inspection

  • It is the most important and initial step as well to redesign a website in order to keep it equivalent to the modern business structure. Professionals will implement audit tools to check the current site functionality and areas that require to be improved. They can identify even tiny errors in your site that can be rectified without losing its SEO ranking in Google. 
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  • They will check for page titles, duplicate pages, H1 tags, missing tags, duplicate content, navigational speed and performance, and much more to figure out the exact requirement for website revamping. It will also prevent the issues for the future design of your website if you fix them during revamp.

Monitor and retain present SEO ratings

  • You can switch to website renovation for various reasons, but there is a common issue associated with it. The website redesign process can lead to loss of content that has been already ranked in search engines and placed on your website. So, before commencing the website renovation process, the expert web design agency London will create a backup for your data by using specialized tools. 
  • It can prevent the harmful impact on traffic generation and lead conversion for your website. With the help of experts, you can export the list of blog posts and pages that have top ranking in search engines to utilize after website revamps for maintaining SEO ranking.

Keep your website under “maintenance” mode

  • The best way to avoid SEO affecting during website revamping is to put it on maintenance mode. As a layman, you might not know this fact but a top-rated SEO agency in London can help you in this regard. Professionals can use maintenance mode plug-ins for your WordPress website which will let people know that you are working in the back-end for improving your website. 
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  • It will not make a negative impact on the SEO ranking of your website as visitors will be unable to view any errors and broken pages on your website. It will ensure them that they are going to discover something new and better on your website in the future. 

On-page optimization of content is a purposeful practice

  • The re-designing concept for your website can become successful with the help of on-page optimization of your content. For this purpose, you need to attain professional help from the best SEO Company UK. Experts can make a review of the content to keep it the same as it was before the revamp procedure. They can decide to retain the title of content, meta-descriptions, and headers same to do on-page optimization for maintaining adequate SEO rankings. 
  • However, if there is the need arises to change the content for further improvements then you should also leave it on the professionals since they can form quality content to be posted on your website.

Testing and evaluating the new design

  • After completing the website revamping procedure, the next step is to test and evaluate it. The purpose behind this is to make sure that the website has no issues with functionality, content, and structural layout. Professional web design agency London will take the plunge to test it by using modern tools that help to identify the issues to fix them permanently. It will give a clear sorting about the URLs that are getting affected by the issues and experts will resolve them before taking your site live. 
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  • It can help to prevent any issues related to the SEO ranking of the website. Issues such as slow page loading, navigational errors, inappropriate content formation, and design layout can drastically impact SEO ranking negatively. So, by diagnosing such issues you can prevent your website from dropping down in the search engines and can keep it visible to online shoppers. 

Launch and audit the website

The final step is to launch the website to a live server so that your customers can take a look at the new design. Though, it is also imperative to check whether the site is fully functional and is relevant to the specific preferences of the visitors. It can be done through the post-launch audit that can be completed with the help of expert web designers. They can monitor and ensure that the content is working for SEO purposes, check the speed of the website, ensure that it is compatible with all browsers, and is also free of bugs, etc. 

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