Does a Mobile Responsive Design really benefit your business website?

Nowadays, most individuals access the web using their phones, and 80% of all web clients have a smartphone. Those are figures you can’t stand to bet with, so it’s very much important that your website is completely responsive to work effectively across different platforms. As you know well that the number of smartphone users is kept on growing. So it’s obvious that people will prefer a website that can be viewed properly on the mobile phone.

Moreover, you should have to be aware of the responsive design of your website. You may be thinking why so?

Let me explain to you the whole concept of why and how a mobile responsive website can add value to your digital presence. So before that, you have to understand what is mobile responsive design and why you need it.

Today every individual is accessing websites using mobile phones. So you can say that a website made using a mobile mindset can bring more traffic to your website. Usually, the individual behavior towards the mobile responsive website is also different as compared to desktop. Even Google favors mobile responsiveness.

A brief introduction to responsive Web Design

In layman language, you can say that it is a sort of technique that considers the user’s screen size. Ultimately responsive web design focuses on the optimization of the user’s browsing experience. In this technique, a responsible and flexible web page is developed which is optimized too so that users can have a seamless experience. As the demand of readers to read news online using various devices increased so in the same manner responsive web design also became an important aspect.

Responsive website web design usually focuses on the resizing of design and content of web pages as indicated by the gadget being utilized. Let me give you an example. You may have seen that sometimes when you minimize or maximize the website page, then the content and text also get a shrink, yet it influences the client experience.

In any case, if you will make a website that is a responsive one, then it will work flawlessly and look better at any device being utilized. Sounds better!

Various advantages of Mobile Responsive Design:

Have a look at a few advantages in case your website is mobile responsive.

  • Better user experience
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Enhances website visibility on Portable Devices
  • Easy Content Maintenance

Better user experience: Mobile responsive web design can improve the user experience by facilitating consistent and extraordinary experiences. Usually, accessing a website on the desktop is different from accessing it on mobile. For example, if you are accessing the website on a desktop; you can have a large area allowing you to hover the links using a mouse, various sections, and vast information visibility. But on the other end, it is not possible in the case of mobile devices. So overall, you can assume that a mobile responsive design ensures seamless user interaction with the website.

Improving the search engine ranking:  As you know that nowadays SEO is really important to get organic traffic to your website. Any search engine also ranks the website that has a responsive design that improves the SEO score. Mobile responsive web design also decreases the bounce rate.

Enhances website visibility at google: A few years ago, Google mentioned that they will consider mobile-first indexing for which they have created a Mobile-Friendly Test. It means that if your website is mobile responsive, then it will be ranked high on Google. The reason for doing such a thing is that nowadays, most people are accessing websites through mobile phones. So Google wants people to switch their website to mobile responsive to serve various searchers.

Easy and cost-effective maintenance: If your website will be mobile responsive then it will be quite easy for you to maintain a single website for different platforms. Earlier people were designing different sites for mobile and desktop increasing the cost as there were different domains and hosting. A single website can help you to improve your website SEO and boost your backlinks.

Last words

Mobiles are here in the market for the long term so it means people in the future will use mobiles to get information, search for things and communicate. So you have to focus on a mobile-friendly (responsive) website design to get more organic web traffic to your website and receive the attention of new users. Responsive design will let you stand tall in the digital market and keep you ahead of your competitors. 

So I hope the article information shared will help you a lot and clear doubt about mobile responsive design. Do not forget to comment & share it. 

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